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Mimi Castellanos

For years, as a medical intuitive and health coach, I served and taught our bodies and spiritual needs to stabilize and strengthen; through commitment and resolve to ourselves! As I helped people build positive relationships with their bodies, their bodies began to depend on them and got better. So much better. Eventually, my clients moved off the status quo, gave up the things that were slowing them down, and flew. What we didn’t expect was that everything in their world began to soar, not just them. They gained strength with their jobs, their kids, their relationships, and their clarity. So very valuable. These results were so much bigger than the small things that we did to stabilize ourselves over time.

This self-commitment and resolve to their life-style came through actions such as the quality of their thoughts, breathing through things, improving the quality of their food, taking nutritional supplements, drinking enough water, taking a walk in the park or beach, and giving themselves and their “inner selves” the power and safety to come forward, express, be responded to, and once again take the lead. Then the realization comes that the body does need this attention we gave it. The body environment found the strength it needed to throw off old lingering viruses, old grief, and other diseases. It helped us to feel exponentially great again just by tossing off these little bits that had hung on.

When we found Bravo Probiotic, it was because of the eight dead alternative doctors in Florida. The news broke in the summer 2015. They had something to teach. As a group, my clients, practitioner friends, and I have listened. Their protocols lead to a powerful work-around to deep, old damage in the proteins of the vitamin D metabolism, turned on the cellular power, and the immune system once again. (More about this can be found at www.gcmaf.se) These doctors designed something that worked. Due to the internet the world has grown smaller and closer. We could find the information that we needed to understand. We can now move past the broken system. We can pick up the strings of our health. We are where we need to be to make it all work. Its happening everywhere, but not with everyone. Just those who are looking for transformation. If you are looking for transformation in your health and your world and are willing to work for it, join us. We are looking for you.

If you read the powerful documentation from Europe, you will understand that Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt was designed to create immune boosters naturally in our bodies. It turns the immune system on fast. What will the FDA do with this solution? We began to have urgency to get the new living probiotic and try it ourselves. We did so in mid August 2015. I needed to feel it, to be taught by it, and figure out if I could recreate that growth experience for myself another way in case GcMAF became “FDA unavailable”.

The result of trying the Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt for the first time for me was just jaw dropping. The previous difficulties I had been experiencing in moving diseases just melted away in the matter of days. Then as the months flew by, I learned to make it, to take it out several generations, to stop taking it, and to take it again. I was a lab rat for certain. By the time my clients and I had consumed a fair amount of the yogurt to make a micro-biome, we were all experiencing the results that were being reported in Europe.

With the Bravo protocol, the diseases which are partially toxins trapped in tissue, surrendered and are gently and consistently carried off. This is my experience and my “de-coding” of how it feels to me. However, this is the same way my clients have walked away without their diseases in the past 15 years so I understood it. It took about two months for me to really know what was happening that made the deep things move. The bottom line is that the Bravo GcMAF Yogurt creates a micro-biome with the mucosa, (gut tissue) and creates aliveness and vibrancy that the tissue did not ever know before.

The Bravo went into my body in a big way, it grabbed onto the walls of my gut and got them moving within a few minutes. I could taste the vitamin D in my tissues. I could feel the energy! Within days, I could feel the heavy metal film melting off of my ovaries. I could feel new life coming out of those ovaries that I haven’t felt since I was a young girl. For this result, Bravo didn’t cost a lot of money nor did it take much commitment. It is truly a graceful and elegant solution to living a better life without attacking our resources. To me it is a solution to becoming better than ever.

Alright, I admit it. I fell in love! I was receiving primal bonding. I was receiving a healing from just the goat’s milk by itself, the colostrum was building my immune system, the Bravo Protocol was extending relief and stabilization, and I felt that I was finally getting the help I needed. The experience I am continuing to have is like being rescued. It has been like and still is much like the help of a really good mother who is attentive and graciously nurturing. Without any effort on my part my shoulders dropped, my head drained, and the stress didn’t bother me. I started to make very solid decisions which moved my life forward.

“Look at me!” my inner two year old “child like presence” kept saying in my head. I no longer felt like I was too mental or too stuck with feelings, or not present enough. I felt present, happy, playful and having a good time. When I got overwhelmed, I could feel my gut flutter. It was my first sign that I wasn’t okay. It helped me to make decisions about taking on more responsibility by showing me that I was already overwhelmed. In my numbness, I had been loading myself down to stop the discomfort. I simply stopped loading myself down! I began to act in a subtle way to give myself a break and relax more.

Where did all this wonderful movement come from? I believe the micro-biome supports my tissue and allows this subtle but undeniable shimmering movement through my entire system of smooth muscles, lymph and glands. It moves emotions as well as it moves toxins through to the drain and its gone. As long as it is working! I didn’t know I wasn’t! Slowly, my subtle inner-confidence in myself returned. My head began to come out of a very microscopic slump and my head drained down my lymph and the mess in my head was gone. My head was clear! I began to effortlessly pull my skills together and keep going. I am so very relieved. No wonder I feel like I am happy and in love. My life took a “long awaited” turn for the better without me doing very much.

My story, who I am, is one who loves the process of transformation. If things aren’t transforming, I get disinterested. I always want to stay with the aliveness, the awakeness, and the spirit in any experience. It is nourishment for me. I want to be available to others who want that too. Bravo Living Probiotic Yogurt is only part of my story. I want to understand how to get that tissue alive. I want to know how to release the Nagalase (see www.gcmaf.se) out of the cell proteins, naturally. I want to watch people get well so that I can assist others to go through it. I want to do this transformation with grace, ease, elegance, and “on the cheap” for everyone who is interested.

I put myself into a position to buy Bravo GcMAF Yogurt, to understand it, to buy it cheaper and to know how to use it. It is my wish to move into showing others what is happening in their bodies and taking them through the process of growing a relationship with their bodies and it’s needs. As the energy turns on, their bodies will begin to be comforted and as they get stronger, those strong bodies aren’t going to sit around. Their bodies will begin to take out the trash and do repairs. The trash will begin to come out. The tissue will begin to heal.

It takes lots of strength to stay aware and awake to the things that are happening around us. Negotiating the turf to provide what the body needs is paramount! Knowing what shuts us down, having the strength to open our eyes to it, and let go of what prevents us from flying is paramount! Bravo GcMAF Yogurt is for those who want to be awake, aware and vibrant. It also for those who want to dig deep and come out of disease and damage. It is one of the most gentle, effective and transformative protocols that I have ever seen.

I am going to remind you that without eating properly, managing the overwhelm, deeply relaxing, and taking that breath, my inner power wouldn’t have taken the lead. Even with Bravo GcMAF Yogurt and without that management, I wouldn’t have known what was possible! I wouldn’t get that shimmering result! From my body’s point of view, any non-cooperation would come across as a “terrorist attack”: dumping caffeine, sugar and wheat bombs and running for cover from toxins.

When Rerum came out, many people were interested in it. It wasnʼt until someone saved their life in front of my eyes that I began to thing, well what exactly did he do? His friend vowed to help him get out of his bed and loose his feeding tube. He had cancer in his bones. I saw him get green food and yogurt in his feeding tube and Rerum in a nebulizer. After a month or sa, he started calling and taking care of his own business. Then after 5-6 months his doctor gave him a cancer free diagnosis. It was quite the celebration!

It occurred to me that I could do what he did. If I have anything wrong with me, that it would move it out. So I began using Rerum as a suppository. I used about 3 drops and took 3 suppositories in a week, a drops total. I was shocked by the amount of heavy metal that left my brain stem. A constant “train” of he heavy metals were being moved out of my spine. I was a bit sore, disoriented, and just wanted time for this massive movement to move through. I had to stop this movement to go away. When I got back to it, the same amount of product administered the same way, gave a different effect. Was I done with it?

Then imuno came out. The switch to the new and improved was fairly easy. Finally, my consciousness of restriction broke. I had confidence and self-reliance to take a leap and do what my client did. I took 11 drops in a nebulizer 2 times per week. Later I found out that I could do 3 drops a day or 6 drops every other day or 12 drops twice per week. I donʼt think I would want to take 22 drops 1 time per week. That seems like it might be hard to move that much toxin out without being flat on my back. Could I do it? Yeah. Could I do it comfortable? Maybe not. I think there is a limit to someoneʼs energy for cleaning and clearing and surpassing it isnʼt at all comfortable.

I was getting better. My head, sinuses, lungs were very clear and oxygen getting much deeper into my body. I had the shiniest clean spot I could ever imagine! Quickly I imagined my health and capacity if my whole body felt that clear and free! I didnʼt want to let myself get happy because I didnʼt want to disappoint myself. However, I realized I would have to commit to the change. So I dove in. Committed!! Yeah! As I continued after a few weeks, that clarity went deeper and deeper until it started to include the heart. It felt so amazing. Like something was just pushing out the goo. It was coming out of everywhere.

The literature I was reading was saying that Dr. Ruggiero recommended doing both Bravo and imuno together. I heard Dr. Klinghart say that the retrovirus would back off if we took Cistus. So I did that, and I could feel like a cloud was receding. I began to experience my gut clear again. Like I was a child. Even the smallest amount of wheat or grains would bring that feeling back. I had to be so careful with what I ate to make sure it was safe for my body. But it once again, delivering so much hope. This time it was on the fast track.

I have seen the autistic child’s eyes come back to normal and speech return. I have seen the MS nerves become unfrazzeled and organize for movement and clarity. I have seen emotional illness come up and out and keep going. Plus there are so many other things that seemed trivial compared to these major diseases leaving. Things like calcium absorption returning and building mass back to the bones, bone marrow becoming rich and vibrant again. I have seen super powers come back with the strength to do it all; without losing the grace and the balance.

My story is an offering to you. I am here in service. I actually want to help you, YES YOU!, to understand what I know and show you what your body is doing. I want to teach you to understand it so that it is yours to keep and teach your children. I can do that through stories, blogs, collecting Bravo practitioners, having conversations, giving paid sessions, classes and books.

All I ask is that you help to support the co-op as your own. Share with others since this one has to be done FACE to FACE. Support the coop by buying your Bravo here so we can get bigger discounts at larger quantities. Telling others about it. Join the email list. (Really? I want more email why? Because I will only give you “the juice”. Not just unconscious reminders. Trust me.) And also by sharing your story and reviews here on the site and the facebook page if you are inclined.

Please own this coop as a source of community. Own this process to manage your relationship with your body. Love it all. Do your best. Listen inside, and Leave the Light on!

It will not disappoint.

Light and Love,

Mimi Castellanos
Minister of Light
Medical Intuitive
Health Coach
Hand Writing Analyst
Mother, wife
Bravo Co-op Founder
Your friend

“There is gracefulness in finding the most elegant solutions for people”’ she says, “Sometimes it is as simple as raising our strength, energy and frequency so that we can throw off the confusion and get back into reconnection.” She says, “Even as a toddler, I have always been able to “see” the energy of disturbance in a body and understand its dynamics and qualities. What was harder was trying to express that to a culture that didn’t understand.” Mimi says, “Healthy Energetics brings a “collection of elegant solutions” to people who are wise enough to seek them. It is very enjoyable for me to be of service and I am very grateful for people, like Dr. Marco Ruggiero, and all of us who has made health much more available.”

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