Bravo Yogurt

Bravo Gcmaf Yogurt Is a Cultured Probiotic Yogurt Formula

Bravo GcMAF Yogurt Is a Cultured Probiotic Yogurt Formula to Renovate Immune System
and Digestion.

Bravo GcMAF is recommended to use as a supplement to use in conjunction with Imuno as a protocol in treatment and effectiveness as they work together as a pair. Bravo GcMAF Yogurt is a specially designed formula of probiotics, colostrum, kefir, and yeasts which culture together using the lactoferrin in healthy milk to have the ability to create a living microbiome.

Yes, Bravo GcMAF Yogurt is a “yogurt” and made from “probiotics” but it is also more than that. It specifically builds and activates a microbiome to assist the mucosa tissue to efficiently

Improve digestion
Improve ciliary movement
Ignite the immune functions
Improve elimination
Bravo Yogurt is an elegant solution for reconstituting the micro-biome and reestablishing the immune system.

Bravo Yogurt comes in 3 different sizes of Yogurt Powder Starter for making fresh yogurt at home. In the alternative, we make prepared GcMAF Yogurt that is shipped overnight on ice for those who need that.

Dosage for Bravo Yogurt

First Month

Starting taking fresh Bravo Yogurt slowly, because a little does a lot. Take it twice per day: Week 1 = 1/4 tsp, Week 2 = 1 tsp, Week 3 = 1 TBS, & Week 4 = 2 TBS. This approach will make sure that your detoxification organs start to shimmer, awaken, and move toxins. You donʼt want to liberate them before you can get out. It takes energy to remove toxins so slow down if its too much. If you feel like you have too much to do, slow down the dose. You should feel great!

Second Month

For the second month you will be at 2 TBS. Take some time to really feel how much yogurt is enough, not enough or too much. Notice how much makes to feel great. Once you find your dose, hold it steady for a few months. If you have a lessening of energy, go down in dose (usually) or up until you find what you need. There will be some old emotions resurfacing, which is hard to see that it is good. Damaged cells consume sugar, learn to move them out with the Keto diet.

Third Month

The third month give a little “push back”. You are strong and the bad guys are in “fight for our life” mode. They can manipulate you through the hormone communication system. You will suddenly think its fine to eat what “you know not to eat”. Sit on your hands. This is how you kill them and win. Put a chart up. Score 1 when you donʼt give in. Engage in healthy strong habits and focus on new growth and moving forward. This is where the ketogenic diet really helps so start on it earlier than the third month.

How Much Bravo Yogurt Will I Need?

The Bravo Yogurt starting powder comes in a 1 liter/4 cup size. If you make too much and it can go bad before you can use it. In clear glass, the yogurt will usually last about 2.5 weeks before the water and oil separate. Dark violet Miron Glass can energize the product and may also double the freshness time.

The first month, less is needed. You will need 2 cups of yogurt per person per month. Once you get to month 2, your intake will vary. If you take 2 TBS x 2 times per day, you will need 4 jars per month. This will depend on you feeling great and is a good standard. Long term usage is recommended for divers support.

How to Buy Bravo Yogurt at the Best Price?

To calculate how much powder you would need, it would come down to 1 1/2 liter jar for the first month of graduated amounts, and 2 more for month 2 and 3 and then you would continue at your rate with about 1 jar per week. Eventually, once you start slowly, you would be estimating two liter packs per month for one person.

The cost for a Bravo Powder 3 pack at Bravo Coop is $119 retail or $95 on the stock order sale at the end of the month. We suggest that you buy one pack at retail and get started, and remember to reorder before the last Sunday of the month to stock up on sale at the stock order.

There are two ways to buy Bravo Yogurt here at Healthy Energetics. You can buy genuine Swiss made Bravo GcMAF Yogurt starter packets. In the alternative, on the last Sunday of each month is our Stock Order sale. Here, we coordinate our purchases to meet larger price breaks and share the volume discounts with you. If you use 2 TBS x 2 times per day, the cost of the powder is less than $60 per month per person when purchased on the stock order.

"We feel that the microbiome is system wide, not just the gut."

"We feel that maintaining the Bravo GcMAF as a constant infusion, you can keep your immune system and third brain strong and highly functioning and increase your positive successful forward moving behavior."

"It makes a huge difference when you use your awareness to constantly notice the new beneficial behaviors, abilities and improvements."

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    These products, protocols, and ingredients are not specifically approved by the FDA. The ingredients of both Bravo and imuno™ are FDA approved individually. This protocol is not intended to treat, diagnose or take the place of medical treatment. Consult your health care professional when using any of our products.