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Dr. Marco Ruggiero holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and
a Medical Doctor specialized in Clinical Radiology

Dr. Marco Ruggiero
M.D., PhD

Marco Ruggiero

Marco Ruggiero was born in Firenze, Italy, in 1956, He holds a PhD in Molecular Biology, is a Medical Doctor specialised in Clinical Radiology, and has been professor of Molecular Biology at the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences of the University of Firenze, Italy for more than 20 years (1992-2014). Since 2013, he is Director of Science at Immuno Biotech Ltd., Guernsey, Channel Islands, Great Britain.

He served in the Italian Army (NATO) as Medical Lieutenant with specific training in chemical, biological and nuclear warfare.

He worked at Burroughs Wellcome Co., North Carolina, USA publishing a seminal paper on signal transduction with Nobel Laureate Sir John Vane and, subsequently, at the National Cancer Institute of the NIH in Bethesda, USA, working with Dr. Stuart A. Aaronson and Prof. Peter Duesberg.

He has published more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers on signal transduction, reporting original observation in the fields of neurosciences and cancer.

In 1987, he published a paper on the molecular mechanisms underlying the processes of learning and memory in the prestigious EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organisation) Journal of the Nature Publishing Group. Ever since, he published several papers in those fields of neurosciences that are associated with autism. The last paper published on this topic together with Dr. James J. Bradstreet in Frontiers of Human Neuroscience (associated with Nature Publishing Group), describes the neurological alterations in the brain of autistic children and the use of ultrasonography in the diagnosis and treatment of autism.

In 2014, he has developed an integrated protocol for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders that led to significant successes, with some autistic individuals fully recovering from the disease and able to resume a completely normal life. Some of these clinical reports were described in the popular press.

"The manufacturing process for imuno™ is meticulous and time-consuming, and it is not technically possible to get the same result by simply mixing the ingredients together since the procedure follows a proprietary algorithm based on biologic negentropy."

"The imuno™ delivers combined molecules, at the same time, at the required dose, to their biologic targets, and produces powerful support."

"The molecular structure of imuno™ reproduces the self-assembly of cell components."

"The imuno™ is vegan. It does not contain any product of animal or human origin."


A Novel Potential Adjuvant for Cancer Vaccines (Ruggiero M and Pacini S)

In this Editorial, I describe a novel potential adjuvant for cancer vaccines designated imuno™, an emulsion of low molecular weight microbial chondroitin sulfate, phosphatidylcholine and vit2min D. The molecules constituting imuno™ are arranged in cell membrane-like structures 3 under the form of a homogeneous, single-phospholipid bilayer that resembles protocellular structures with chondroitin sulfate mimicking the role of nucleic acids. Phosphatidylcholine and chondroitin sulfate, arranged in protocellular-like structures, have to be interpreted as a universal delivery system with the potential of maximizing the effects of vaccination as we proposed for HIV DNA vaccines; such a molecular arrangement proves essential for the functioning of imuno™ as a novel type of cancer vaccine adjuvant.

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