imuno – The Cream®

Creating a Deep, Crystal Clear Glowing Beauty Is No Accident!

Creating a deep, crystal clear glowing beauty is no accident! You may want to adopt our pearls of wisdom for stunning healing that’s more than skin deep.

Manage stress and unneeded activity for maximum beauty sleep
Manage the quality of your food and finish digestion before sleep
Remove deep congestion under and through the skin with imuno
Give everything you’ve got to regular targeted exercise
Embrace the quality of happiness and smile with your entire body
Practice the essence of trust

Since our skin is a detoxification organ and the body may use it to eliminate excess, it becomes a service to our skin to keep it clear and clean all the way through these channels.

imuno™ – The Crean isn’t just another pretty face! It is masterful at clearing the deepest congestion. Why not give it a chance to keep our skin and bodies clear and beautiful?

Uses for imuno™ – The Cream.  You can use the size of a grain of rice up to the size of a pea applied to the skin close to where your issues are.   To use it on your skin, apply imuno – The Cream into enough of your favorite lotion to apply to your entire skin to transform your lotion into a deep tissue cleaner.   imuno™ and your immune system will gain the power to remove unwanted congestion leaving your skin and body deeply radiant.

Important note of caution:

More is not better! Excessive detoxification may exceed your available energy.
Good daily habits and gradual improvement are responsible acts of kindness.

". . . It’s no accident that creating a deep, crystal clear glowing health is beautiful."

"I love this product as I use it on my skin! I’m seeing age spots fade and a tightness returning to the skin!"

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    These products, protocols, and ingredients are not specifically approved by the FDA. The ingredients of both Bravo and imuno™ are FDA approved individually. This protocol is not intended to treat, diagnose or take the place of medical treatment. Consult your health care professional when using any of our products.